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Tie Gum
Tie Gum
Tie Gum
Tie Gum
Tie Gum
Tie Gum
Tie Gum
Tie Gum
Tie Gum
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20 Apr 2020
Korea South
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IDR 2.800.000

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We sell Tie Gum material for connecting belt conveyors in Hot splicing. Our company is specialized in the field of conveyor systems starting from the manufacture of conveyors, procurement of conveyor parts and conveyor maintenance services. The conveyor belt connection system can be done in two ways, namely cold splicing and hot splicing. One of the materials used in the hot splicing belt splicing work is TIE GUM which functions as a rubber filler instead of the conveyor belt part being peeled.Other materials needed are LEM STL RF, TOP COVER, SOLVENT. Our products have been widely used in the coal mining industry, batching plans, cement plants, fertilizer factories, paper mills and other industriesWe also serve cold and hot conveyor belt connection services. We accept jobs throughout the territory of IndonesiaOther Rubber Product.

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